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After WRC2007, new recommendations for spectrum allocation have been released internationally. R418 resolves the usage of the band 5091Mhz to 5250Mhz by the aeronautical mobile service for Telemetry Applications. Aware of our Customers concerns during the transition time, Prodetel has designed a se of products that will provide equipment life extension with a reasonable investment. Other general application products very popular among our customer can be found in this site.



  • Telemetry Antennas

    Telemetry Antennas

    Prodetel provides a family of High Precision antennas, including a tactical version transportable...

  • Active Switch Matrix and SCU

    Active Switch Matrix and SCU

    The AMX6-NxM is an active Matrix Switch designed to meet the distribution needs between the antenna...

  • Frequency Translators

    Frequency Translators

    The FTC2S is a Frequency Translator desgined to convert C-Band Telemetry Frequencies to traditional...

  • Ground Control Stations For UAV

    Ground Control Stations For UAV

    The GCS for UAV control are tailored to each customer needs. Two high visibility LCD screens are...